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How to deal with the products with unqualified electrostatic powder coating?

Adding date:2021-12-27 13:48:16  Click:   Author:Shandong Hongze Yupeng Macromolecule Material Co., Ltd.,

As the manufacturer of electrostatic powder production, we shall conduct many production steps and pay attention to the operating points to ensure the qualified products are produced. Of course, how to handle with the products with unqualified electrostatic powder coating?

  If the trouble is small, it is suggested to conduct polishing with polisher; If the trouble is relatively severe, the product could be repaired with the same-color repair coating before grinding and polishing; If the unqualified coating area is large, the products shall be sprayed again.

  The membrane - removing agent is also called as varnish remover, and it is composed of strong acid or alkali + surfactant + solvent, etc. in general.

Everything isn't changeless, so we would adjust our formula ingredients in production from time to time for calibration in order to get our ideal products. 


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