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What's the classification of bicycle powder coating?

Adding date:2021-12-27 13:48:16  Click:   Author:Shandong Hongze Yupeng Macromolecule Material Co., Ltd.,

The bicycle powder coating is the solid powder synthetic resin paint composed of the solid resin, pigment, filling materials, auxiliary agents, etc. Different from the common solvent-based coating and water-based coating, its dispersed medium is air, instead of solvent and water. It is characterized by the non-solvent pollution, 99% film formation and low energy consumption.

The bicycle powder coating is divided into two categories: thermoplasticity and thermosetting property. Thermoplastic powder coating is poor in the appearance of cost (glossiness and smoothness) and adhesive force of metal. So it is rarely applicable for the automobile coatings field. The automobile coatings adopt the thermosetting powder in general.



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