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Introduction to rapid development factors of powder coating in several aspects

Adding date:2021-12-27 13:48:16  Click:   Author:Shandong Hongze Yupeng Macromolecule Material Co., Ltd.,

the powder coating is the generic term of the liquid or solid materials which are smeared on the surface of objects and can form the solid film with protection, decoration or special performance.

   Actually, the causes for popularity of powder coating can be found in its definition: Powder coating is a kind of new 99% solid powder coating without solvent, and has completely different forms with general coating. It exists in the form of fine powder. Since it doesn't contain solvent, it is called as the powder coating.

  The rapid development of powder coating is comprehensively caused by multiple factors. First, it is promoted by the market demands. With wide application, the powder coating can be applied in the doors and windows, building elevation, kitchen, bathroom, electrical apparatus, etc. in the aluminum profile field; Favorable development situation of construction industry in some countries promotes the demand growth of powder coating, such as China, the United States, Mexico, Qatar, The United Arab Emirates, India, Vietnam, Singapore, etc.; The industrial application field is another important market of powder coating, including the engineering machinery coating field, and the sustainable development of fitness equipment, electronic products, cosmetics package, etc. leads to continuous demands of powder coating.

  Secondly, the environmental pollution highlights people's risk consciousness, and policy inclines to the products with green development so that the domestic and foreign environmentally friendly powder coating is favored more. There is increasingly strict pollution control in various regions, so the raw materials and products containing volatile organic compound such as coating, painting, solvent, etc. are restricted in production and application, while the environment-friendly powder coating ushers in development; From the perspective of foreign countries, the sustainable development of American automotive industry and the emission control of solvent based coating VOC also promotes the development of powder coating.

  Third, the technology promotion and the increase of scientific research and innovation investment bring about the continuous progress of process technology of powder coating, increase of powder coating products, application expansion and equipment upgrade. The technology development shows the strengths of the powder coating in cost control of production and application, which is just the cause for its popularity.



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